Short delivery time

We provide short delivery time due to our flat and flexible organizational structure.

Customized inventory management programs

We understand you want to keep your inventory level as low as possible. We can build a program that involves multiple runs thoughout the year and "just-in-time" deliveries.

Professional teams

Our sales teams, real technical experts, work hand in hand with our design department to come up with the best technical solution for you.

Low minimum order quantities

Because we treat our "small" customers with the same level of service, our quantities are flexible with low minimums.

Custom-made solutions

Our protective packaging solutions are custom-made and made to order to best adapt to your technical requirements.

Eco-friendly packaging

We manufacture protective packaging 100% environment-friendly.

An independant family business

About Eurodividers

Eurodividers was founded in Belgium in 2007 as a natural extension of its mother company which has been operating in the protective paper industry for 95 years. We operate a 6,000 square meters facility with state of the art equipment and technology. Located in the heart of Europe, Eurodividers is ideally positionned to serve and deliver it’s products and solutions to 14 European countries directly and indirectly through a select network of distributors that have a perfect understanding of their local markets and customers. Eurodividers offers the same service of excellence to all of it’s customers, from young startup to blue chip companies.

Our Mission

We help our current and future customers with the achievement of their sustainability transition by replacing their high ecological footprint protective packaging products with 100% paper-based products and solutions that are fully recyclable, reusable and biodegradable. Therefore, we study our customers' needs and design tailormade solutions with a much reduced environmental impact.
In doing so we help our customers with decreasing their environmental impact in many areas: reduced need to source non-renewable packaging, lower payweight in all transportation modes, reduced red tape and fumigation for overseas deliveries, no need to send back packaging as our packaging materials become a resalable commodity when delivered.


Eurodividers proudly presents it’s much awaited NEW ALL WHITE GRAPHILITE honeycomb product with an all white core paper.
Many customers kept on asking for Graphilite sheets with a white core paper so we decided to bring it to the market.
Eurodividers’s Graphilite honeycomb sheets are widely used for in-house & in-store merchandising, for POS material and customer communication.
During our presence at various trade fairs, existing and future customers questioned us about a possible product evolution on our graphic honeycomb sheets, expressing the need and desire of graphics honeycomb sheets with a white core.
Our customers asked for it, so we made it.

Markets we serve


Custom die-cut, in the box protection and clear view damage protection.


Custom die-cut for all pieces including unitizing heavy forged parts.

Building products

Perfectly fitting cushioning, edge, corner and flange protection.

Food & beverage

Plugs, bulheads and doorways protection, load levelers, void fillers and in-pack protection.


Dividers for glass bottle and jars, spacers for float glass, automotive windshield with PH neutral paper based material, ideal replacement for EPS, molded foam or corrugated cardboard.

Hazardous materials

Protect your hazardous material in shock absorbing honeycomd.

Industrial parts

Die-cuts for all in-pack and transport protection needs.

Paper transport

Buffers, pallets, risers, blocks, pads, void fillers and many more.

Office furniture

Honeycomb solutions will protect your valuable furniture till delivery.

Spinning mills

Dividers, stabilizers, buffers, void fillers , load levelers.

Structural core

Core component for doors, tabletops, shower stalls, white boards,office partitions.


Honeycomb pallets without paperwork for overseas export, lightweight pallet but heavy duty capacity.

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