Honeycomb paperboard converting options

Honeycomb can be used as a straight panel but can also be converted into various shapes. Multiple converting options are available :

  • Slitting : We have the capacity to slit narrow strips and wider runners.
  • Slit Score and Reverse Slit Score : By cutting through one facing and the core, we create a folding hinge. This can be used to manufacture corner protectors.
  • Cookie-cut : By cutting through each side of the panel and leaving the center core intact, we can manufacture small blocks and runners. This feature make them easier to handle and they can be easily separated as needed.
  • Partial slit score with core removal : By doing so, we create a hinge which allows folding the panel up to 180 degrees.
  • V creasing : This special feature maximizes the protection of the folding hinge and can be used to manufacture corner protectors.
  • Die-crush and die-cut : This process can create custom-made shapes and cuts and converts honeycomb panels into high-value added protective packaging.
  • Pressure Sensitive Adhesive : We apply a high tack adhesive to one or both sides of the panel and cover it with a release liner. The laminated product can be converted into blocks, runners or cookie-cut. The end-user peels the liner off and applies the honeycomb products to a surface. This application can replace pallets when the runners are applied directly underneath boxes and gaylords.
  • Laminations : We can create honeycomb buildups and laminations to manufacture various assemblies and packaging.

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