Furniture protection

Blocking and bracing for flat-pack furniture

Our honeycomb paperboard solutions are used for protection and securement in the furniture supply-chain, ensuring your furniture gets to destination intact. The rise of flat-pack furniture has provided a springboard for packaging solutions that safely pack components together inside a carton. Honeycomb paperboard—which is green by nature—makes the best natural alternative to foam or expanded polystyrene package cushioning.

Safe delivery of ready-assembled furniture: the clearview pack

If furniture is delivered ready-assembled, use honeycomb paperboard corner guards for dependable edge/corner protection, and honeycomb strip padding for all-round dent protection. The big benefit of honeycomb padding strips is that they don’t cover the whole piece of furniture— apart from saving on packing-material costs, the real attraction is that you can design what is known as a ‘clearview pack’. Once the assembled piece has been plastic-wrapped, the padding strips and see-through film let you see what’s inside. The handler gets to see that the goods are fragile and need to be handled with care, and you get to see your damaged goods rates plummet.

Safeguarding metal cabinets and furniture

Corner pads, edge protector and padding strips are pretty much industry-standard package protections for metal cabinets and furniture, which often have a fragile paint finish. Our honeycomb paperboard corner pads, corner caps and padding strips can be faced with anti-abrasive coatings that won’t damage the paintwork. We can also offer slitted or even more protective V-cut corner pads for optimal protection.

The benefits
  • Economical
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Anti-abrasive face coatings on option
  • Clear-view pack
  • Lower transport costs
  • Ultra-lightweight packaging
Any questions about our honeycomb solutions for the furniture industry?
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