Home appliances

Honeycomb paperboard makes an excellent natural alternative to foam or expanded polystyrene. Honeycomb paperboard offers an outstanding combination of compression strength and crush absorption under shock stress, making it the perfect packaging solution to protect and brace home appliances during transport and storage.

This strong yet lightweight material is also perfect for shipping your products via express delivery.

It is also an ecologically conscious solution— your customers (installers or end-users) will have no problem with selective sorting straight into the all-paper recycling bin.

Our design department works with you to tailor custom solutions for your blocking, bracing and protection needs.

Examples of honeycomb protective solutions:

• corner pads to protect your product edges/corners, along with strips or runners to protect the appliance front/sides
• die-cut or die-crushed pads to brace the product and create a protective void surround
• full or half-way wraparound solutions protecting the sides of the product with top and bottom sheet pads.

Applications :

• White goods
• Heaters
• Boilers
• Hot water tanks
• Heat pumps
• Countertop appliances

Strengths of honeycomb solutions : 

• 100%-recyclable
• Easy to handle, easy to work with
• Lightweight packaging = Optimized transport costs
• Adding a pallet top honeycomb pad enables double-stacking pallets in the trailer
• Excellent cushioning
• Anti-abrasive face coatings on option