Honeycomb core for structural applications

Honeycomb cardboard is also used as a structural element.

Honeycomb core or sheets are used to void-fill flush hollow-core doors. Our core, delivered by the pallet-load, is stretched, dried, cut to size, and set in a wood frame then pressed ex-works, which minimizes handling and on-site operations.

Honeycombed core  and sheets are also used to void-fill drywalls or sliding open-space-style partitions.

Honeycomb cardboard is lightweight, stiff and economical, making an excellent void filler. The panel coating options we offer include M1-grade fireproof facing, which makes our panels entirely compliant for use in both private homes and public-access spaces.

The furniture industry is moving away from wood towards honeycomb paperboard, largely for weight reasons. We make and deliver honeycomb sheet custom-tailored to each customer’s needs, for use in countertops, shelving, bookcases, kitchen units, and more.

For thick binder panel, honeycombed cardboard is the material that offers the best value for money.

For POS displays, honeycomb is used to make trays, spacers and sidewalls.

  • Urinal dividers
  • Flush hollow-core doors
  • Furniture
  • Drywalls or sliding open-space-style partitions
  • Binder panel
  • POS display
The benefits
  • Lightweight
  • Stiff
  • Economical
  • Green
  • Fireproof