Industrial components protection

Our honeycomb cardboard packaging solutions confer continued optimal protection to valuable industrial components through transit and storage.

The honeycomb paperboard layer pads are employed as returnable or non-returnable packaging for automotive components, industry spares, motor drives, transformers, superchargers, and more. Our design office can purpose-engineer custom solutions tailored to your own specific needs.

Fully automated process

Our die-cutter and die-crusher lines are fully automated, so we can offer unbeatable prices.

Anti-abrasive coatings available

Special-surface components need special protection, so we offer a wide variety of  anti-abrasive coatings.

The Benefits

• Easy to handle, easy to work with
• Excellent cushioning and vibration absorptions
• Lightweight packaging = Optimized transport costs
• Adding a pallet top enables double-stacking in a truck

Do you need anymore information about paperboard honeycomb packaging solutions for industrial components ?
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