Industrial half finished goods protection such as rolls and reels

Our honeycomb paperboard solutions are perfectly geared to securing transport for large rolls of paper, film, fabric, or special process film. We have engineered a range of securement solutions geared to cover all kinds of technical constraints.

Honeycomb wedges (45° angle cut) sit directly on the truck bed or on a pallet, bracing the roll in place.

Honeycomb saddles and craddles come into play when dealing with products that are hard to keep on-pallet or rolls of fragile material that need to be kept clear of the potentially damaging wood pallet surface. Our honeycomb saddles can safely nest one or more rolls (one-roll or multi-rolls saddles) depending on roll weight and diameter. They can even double up as layer separators in some configurations.

Our honeycomb solutions are fitted for ground, sea or air freight.

The benefits :
  • Ecologically friendly
  • Safe, secure and strong
  • Rolls held stable during shipping
  • Optimized on-pallet roll storage capacity
  • Excellent cushioning against shock and vibration
  • Fully tailorable
  • Lightweight—helps optimize transport costs