Load securement & intercalary sheets

Our design team has the solution to protect your product throughout the supply chain, from the moment it leaves your docks to the moment it is being used. Our honeycomb dunnage solutions such as runners, wedges or void fillers can maximize and secure your load during transit by blocking, bracing and cushioning the shipping units. Honeycomb void fillers are a competitive alternative to air bags but can be used along with the air bags as part of composite packaging as well.

Honeycomb paperboard is the ideal material for load cargo securement and in-transit protection. Its unique hexagonal-cell structure packs the core full of air cushions that absorb and attenuate shockwaves during transport. Honeycomb paperboard runners, blocks and pads work together to block and brace your cargo in transit. They fill the voids without adding loadweight, and can be used instead of or in tandem with dunnage inflated bags.

Stacking panels (pallet tops) open stacking pattern options to maximize optimal space in storage and transport. Wraparound pallet tops protect the pallet edges during strapping and handling.

Product Summary
  • Excellent shock cushioning
  • Lightweight—helps optimize transport costs
  • Easy after-use disposal
  • Works in tandem with inflated cushioning solutions
Pallet solutions

Our incredibly lightweight honeycomb paperboard pallet solutions are used for ground, ship and air freight transport. They make a far better option for exports than your old treated wood pallets, and they are exempt from in-port fumigation at departure—and again at destination! If you are shipping containerboard boxes, we can stick on adhesive (PSA) runners for safe and easy box handling. We even custom-size and design the pallet to your requirements.

A boxboard point-of-sale display can be stuck with underboard honeycomb runners or sat on a honeycomb paperboard pallet to create a more stylish all-in-one-material display that is 100% recyclable and biodegradable.