Solid board dividers

Our solid board divisions, also called separators, dividers or partitions, are the most economical and eco-friendly solution to seperate and/or protect your products during storage and transit. They are used in a large range of applications.

No tooling cost

We can make any size and shape partition with our ajdustable dies. We will not charge you for any tooling or set up fee.

Large array of material quality

We carry various material grammage and quality such as plain chipboard, SBS (white kraft), abrasion resistant coatings etc…

Self-locking mechanisms

Our cardboard partitions are delivered fully assembled and with self-locking mechanisms. It prevents divider from falling apart and makes it easy to handle by your operators, resulting in handling labor cost savings.


We have the capabilities of printing an item number on each partition to ensure a full traceability of your product.

Outer packaging

Our separators are packed in box-pallets or pallet size containers to prevent any damage or dust during transit. Our pallets are stackable to optimise space during shipping and storage.

Partition inserting automated machines

Our partitions fully adapt to automatic partition inserters on your bottling line. Do you have any automated inserting machine investment project? We have a great knowledge of dividers inserting machines available on the market. Let us guide you in making the right investment for you company.

  • economical
  • environment friendly
  • no tooling fees
  • delivered fully-assembled
  • self-locking mechanism
  • anti-scuffing coatings available
  • fully adapts to automated inserting machine
  • complete traceability

Fiberboard box partitions are used in the protection of fragile products in various industries :

  • wine, beer and liquor bottles
  • glass containers, jars and containers made of other breakable material
  • automotive components
  • electrical and electronic components
  • other industrial components
  • cosmetic products, perfume bottles
  • fully adapts to any automated partition inserting machine
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