Spinning mill spools and stretch-wrap rolls

Fabric spools

Our cut-to-size honeycomb paperboard panels are proving increasingly popular in the fabric spool industry. They will keep your fabric rolls safe in storage in your workshop or at your client, and in shipment.

Our panels are entirely custom cut to fit the diameter of your rolls and paperboard tubes. We can also round off the panel corners to eliminate all risk of tearing the film-wrap. Our corrugated paperboard panels serve as spacers to optimize the pallet layering patterning scheme and spread loads more evenly. They also double up as a protective layer panel over the wooden pallet topside and as a pallet top to protect the pallet underhang when stacking in the truck or in the warehouse.

Strech film rolls

Our cut-to-size honeycomb paperboard panels are also a supply-chain standard for stretch-film packaging. The roll tubes, sat vertically on the pallet, fit snugly into round mounts pre-cut into the sheet, ensuring safe sound securement.

All our honeycomb paperboard panels are 100% recycled cardboard and 100% recyclable and biodegradable. Customers equipped with balers or compactors will find them readily recyclable.

We can provide a range of paper grades, thicknesses and compressive strengths to fit your needs. Get in touch to more detailed advice on the technicals.

Advantages :

• Adapted to automated production lines
• Evenly spread weight of the rolls across layers
• Outstanding absorption of in-transit vibration
• Lightweight packaging reduces transport costs
• Easy after-use disposal/recyclability
• 100% environmentally friendly