Learn about paperboard honeycomb

Paperboard Honeycomb is a prime choice material for Protective Packaging.

Honeycomb is the lightweight, rugged and environmentally-friendly solution to your protective packaging needs.

Paperboard honeycomb stands as the best alternative to all other oil-based packaging material such as Expanded Polystyrene, thermoformed plastics, foam packaging, etc.

Honeycomb Core

Honeycomb paperboard has the best strength-to-weight ratio thanks to its hexagonal structure called “core”. We are fully-integrated and manufacture our own honeycomb core. We carry a wide range of cell sizes and papers which allow us to match your mechanical requirements.

Honeycomb Sheet

Panels are made by facing two liners papers onto a section of stretched honeycomb core. Our panels are strong but lightweight. Due to their high rigidity and dimensional stability, our panels can be used in most demanding applications.

We inventory all kinds of papers and can offer various coating and finitions:

  • Recycled papers
  • Semi-chemical
  • White and Brown Virgin Kraft Papers
  • Clay-coating Liners
  • Anti-abrasive and anti-slip coatings
  • Polycoating
Benefits of honeycomb paperboard material
  • Strength-to-weight Ratio :
    Paperboard Honeycomb is a strong material with high unidirectional compression resistance. It will replace wood in many packaging applications yet weighs 4 to 5 times less.
  • Shock and Vibration Absorption :
    Paperboard Honeycomb has outstanding cushioning properties and may be employed to protect products from shock or vibration damage during transportation and distribution.
  • Dimensional Stability :
    Due to its great dimensional stability, our honeycomb is suitable for all direct printing and graphic displays application.
  • Cost Efficiency :
    Honeycomb is a lightweight, rugged protective packaging material. It will efficiently replace denser materials such as wood and plastic allowing for dramatic direct and indirect cost reductions. Not only will our honeycomb help you lower your cost of packaging (material and labor), but it will also assist you in shipping lighter loads hence saving on freight cost. Being a paper-based product, our honeycomb is easy to dispose of which provides recycling cost-savings.
  • Sustainability :
    Paperboard Honeycomb is the Green Packaging Material.

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